I am a freelance lighting designer currently working in Memphis and Colorado. I am looking to expand for the love of work and travel! 

I have my BA in Theatre Design from the University of Northern Iowa and my MFA in Theatre Design - Lighting from the University of Memphis.  

I most enjoy designing musicals and dramas, but am adept at all theatrical genres. I approach a text both factually and emotionally.  Since different concepts can go from completely realistic to entirely imaginative, I am open to exploring anywhere on the spectrum of realism. I enjoy the story telling aspect that lighting provides.  

I have been spending my last few summers working for the Creede Repertory Theatre in Creede, Colorado as their second lighting designer and Master Electrician.  When I am not designing I freelance in other ways, I am the Lighting Director for the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis, TN. I design and install for a local AV company. I am a member of  IATSE Local 69. Sometimes, if I am lucky I get to work on fireworks shows.   

You may contact me at mkayheath@gmail.com

CLICK HERE for my Selected Lighting Resume
CLICK HERE for my Master Electrician Resume

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