I am the current resident lighting designer of Theatre Memphis. We are a professionally-staffed, 100-year-old community theatre in Memphis, TN. Before this position, I worked as a freelance LD and ME in Memphis, Iowa, Colorado, and Mississippi. 
I have a passion for working in small professional and large community theatre settings. As a freelancer, I worked in many different sizes and types of venues. Each of them provided different challenges and opportunities. I especially enjoyed my mountain town theatres. Tucked away from the world but providing amazing cultural experiences to both local and tourist populations. There is some very special work happening in Colorado that I am grateful to have been a part of. 
Theatre Memphis provides the unique opportunity to work at a professional level while providing community theatre experiences. I enjoy the mentorship that comes from working for a community theatre. My volunteers range from high school students to retirees and their skills range from none at all to seasoned veteran. I enjoy providing a place for people to learn and perfect skills. Our actors range from age 3 to age 91 and I think that is incredibly special. While perhaps a little more hands-on than the typical LD position, the rewards of teaching and interacting with people of all ages are incredible. I also have the privilege of working with a consistent design team. We are able to achieve great art with the time and close proximity we have to one another. Memphis is a growing and thriving arts community and the passion and talent here in the mid-south rival any major city. 
I have a BA in Theatre Design from the University of Northern Iowa and my MFA in Theatre Design - Lighting from the University of Memphis.  I am also a member of Local 69

You may contact me at mkayheath@gmail.com

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