I am currently the Lighting and Technology Manager at MSU Denver. I manage the lighting shop and design the shows as well as train students. Recently, I was the resident lighting designer of Theatre Memphis. TM is a professionally-staffed, 100-year-old community theatre in Memphis, TN. Before this position, I worked as a freelance LD and ME in Memphis, Iowa, Colorado, and Mississippi. 
I was recently awarded the Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship Award. Only 14 Tennessee artists across many disciplines are awarded each year. 
I have a passion for working in small professional and large community theatre settings because I enjoy training others. As a freelancer, I worked in many different sizes and types of venues. Each of them provided different challenges and opportunities. There is a lot of very special work happening all over this country and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new places.
Theatre Memphis provided the unique opportunity to work at a professional level while providing community theatre experiences. I enjoy the mentorship that comes from working for a community or educational theatre. I enjoy providing a place for people to learn and perfect skills. I have worked with incredible artists from age 3 to age 91 and I think that is unique and special.
I have a BA in Theatre Design from the University of Northern Iowa and my MFA in Theatre Design - Lighting from the University of Memphis.  I am also a member of Local 69

You may contact me at mkayheath@gmail.com
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